What Are You, Ten??

Happy new year! It is January somehow? Sometimes the idea of the new year doesn't excite me, but in this case I am happy about the idea of spending the new year making crosswords, solving puzzles, meeting new people and hanging out with Babka.

Today's crossword is about the inexorable march of time! Unfortunately, I am one of those people for whom the 90s will always be twenty years ago, despite how that's not the case. So to celebrate the new year, and to measure the ever-growing distance between me and what I remember, I wanted to make a puzzle about things from ten years ago - 2013, when I was [age redacted], Obama was president, and "Breaking Bad" aired its final season. Other things happened! I picked out a few of these things, and there were so many that it ended up being a 21x21 grid. I had to leave some out in order to make everything work.

I'm not sure if the puzzle is successful - the theme is just "these things are ten years old." And not all the things are maybe worth remembering! But hopefuly this puzzle will not just be empty nostalgia, and even if it is we can all marvel in horror at how old we now are!

Norah Sharpe test solved it! And in fact, Norah and I have another little project coming up for you - those in the Los Angeles metro area should maybe check their newspapers this coming Tuesday!

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